FAQ's & Answers

Is it essential to use desi (local breed) Gomata's gobar to make manure?

Our Research suggests that gobar and gomutra obtained from desi Gomata has the highest level of nutrients. Our experimentation also indicates that there are higher chances of fungal and other infections when we use gobar and gomutra obtained from foreign breed Gomata or when we use the dung of buffaloes. We truly believe farming is economically viable and sustainable when practiced with the presence and blessings of desi Gomata.

At Bansi Gir Gaushala, we firmly believe that our collective duty is to protect all desi (indigenous or local) breeds of Gomata. All our indigenous breeds have blessed us with their presence for centuries, nourishing us as well as our lands. We should not look to serve only certain Bharatiya or foreign breeds. We believe that if we serve Her well, all indigenous breeds have the capability to bless us with peace, good health, and abundance. We are also doing our best to promote Vedic standards of Gopalan and making relevant information and guidance available to farmers on how best to look after Gomata.

Bansi Gir Gaushala is giving Go-Krupa Amrutam bacterial culture free of cost to all farmers of Bharat. This is also being similarly distributed free of cost by thousands of volunteer farmers all over Bharat and various farmer / cultural and religious organizations working in the field of farmer welfare. You may get contact details of such farmers & organizations from Bansi Gir Gaushala by sending us an email at [email protected] or calling us at 9316746990.

Go-Krupa Amrutam is a liver bacterial culture that needs constant contact with fresh air so the bacteria can remain alive. Hence it is given in a bottle with a holed cap, or the bottle cap needs to be opened every two hours in transport. Thus it is not possible to send Go-Krupa Amrutam by courier. You may collect this at no cost from Bansi Gir Gaushala, or other volunteer farmers or organizations near you. Please contact us at [email protected] or 9316746990 for more details.

Go-Krupa Amrutam has shown results in over 60 crops so far. You can use this culture in the cultivation of any grain, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Go-Krupa Amrutam bacterial culture makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients available in the soil and atmosphere. It helps in the absorption of vital nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, etc. This culture also boosts plant immunity against pests and diseases and promotes the growth of friendly organisms such as earthworms. (Read more)

Go-Krupa Amrutam is a culture of over 60 different friendly bacteria strains, while Waste Decomposers are typically developed using a few strains of decomposing fungi. Go-Krupa Amrutam can perform a broader range of functions, including composting, improving soil fertility, improving the land's water absorption capability, fighting stubborn diseases, etc.

We advise farmers to use Go-Krupa Amrutam in a small part of their land and then proceed based on the results. While this can be combined with other natural farming methods, it is ideal not to mix two methods.

For best results, Go-Krupa Amrutam can be fed along with irrigation water, used to make high-quality manure from desi Gomay, and sprayed on plants as an insecticide.

You can multiply Go-Krupa Amrutam culture at your own farm using buttermilk obtained from desi Gaumata and desi jaggery. (Read more)

Go-Krupa Amrutam can be used to make very high-quality manure for your farms using Gomay or Gobar obtained from desi Gaumata. (Read more)

Go-Krupa Amrutam has shown great promise in the management of insects, pests, and plant diseases. (Read more)

Go-Krupa Amrutam can be used along with very old buttermilk (45 days old), fresh Gaumutra, and copper to control various plant diseases. (Read more)